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Default Re: Grammy Road Trip Thread

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Blew a big lead to Phoenix and lost, Blew an enormous lead to Minnesota and almost lost and now were lucky to survive blowing a huge lead to Detroit.
This team seriously lacks discipline, leadership and a fundamental game plan.
These are the types of games I expect from a team who thinks a great offense means you take a whole ton of low percentage 3's.

The NBA is hard to watch today, I will never get used to guys passing up 8 footers to pass out for an open 3, nor guys setting up to shoot 3's on fast's just idiotic basketball.

Like I mentioned in the Lakers Trivia thread, the 81-82 Lakers only shot 13 3's for the entire season yet averaged 114 points per game.
Less 3's = higher %, more consistent scoring, better control of the flow of the game, more offensive rebounds and far fewer shooting droughts like the Lakers tend to suffer......the thing that causes them to blow huge leads.

This observation which I happen to agree, reminds me of the time Rudy T. coached here in LA. Tons of 3's, free flowing offense etc, post a huge lead then ......
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