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Default Re: Dwyane Wade = Best Shooting Guard this year?

Take whoever you want, but there's nothing close about stats between Wade and Harden. Harden scores more, assists more, steals more, gets more points per attempt, shoots a higher percentage from the FT line and gets there more, shoots higher from the 3. Wade has the higher FG%, his RPG are higher, he ha fewer turnovers and and more blocks...but you look across the stats, it's not close. Even if you account for the disparity in minutes. So that argument is just the argument of a Heat fan.

In context, you're full of shit. There's no argument for Wade having a better season than either guy. If you would prefer him, either because the way he's playing as the 2nd option to Lebron is better for the Heat, or because you think he'll be the better player when it counts, that's fine. I can respect that and to some extent I agree.

But there's no argument on who has been better. None at all. Harden hasn't been inconsistent at all. What, he's had a bad game here and there or a bad stretch? How has he been inconsistent? He hasn't. He leads his team. Wade's impact is not close to Harden's this season. Kobe has been terrific all season. If you watch the games and conclude that his presence is a problem, for whatever reason, then you're having a different conversation...but that would be one thing. If you watch the games and conclude that his level of play is the problem, then you're stupid. If you argue that Wade has been better because he would do better with more opportunities, then you're not making any sense.
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