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Default Re: Weird Things You Do

Sit on the toilet backwards and do activities

Also, I wear one mismatched socks for good luck. When I was a kid, I got locked out of my house. Climbed to second floor on a rickety ladder that fell when I was hanging from the roof. It fell onto a light fixture and got stuck there, a little bit out of reaching distance. All windows into my house on second floor were locked. I took off my shirt and tried to hook the ladder -- the pressure was too much for me and I dropped my shirt to the ground -- like 15 feet away. Took off my pants, tried the same -- dropped them too. My roof had just gotten redone and we had this BS tar that would get really hot and was sticking to me and burning me. I took off my shoes, tied the laces together and tried one more time to lasso my ladder so I could get down (just in my undies and socks at this point). I gripped the the shoes, I was not about to let go a third time. I cocked my arm back to get some good momentum on the swing not realizing there was another light fixture behind me. the shoes get caught around the light fixture, swing around it, I reach for them, and I cant get there fast enough and my shoes fall to the ground.

So im sitting up on my roof in basically nothing, turning over to take turns burning the cooler side of my body... I look to my socks... Its important to know that at this point in my life I have a big box of mismatched socks I just grab two out of every day. I have a good collection of socks too... Anyway, I am wearing a matching pair of socks. Two miracles happen on the same day, one painful and arduous, the other seemingly innocent... Im like "coincidence? definitely not." And so I just dont wear same colored socks anymore. Im just not f**** with that anymore.

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