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Default Re: Sopranos question. **** spoiler alert****

It's a complicated issue. On one hand, Christopher was leading a very self-destructive lifestyle and would snap sooner or later. He already threatened to kill Tony once before and in the episode before his death, had recently spilled his guts out to his writing partner before murdering him. It didn't bode well for him at that point. He was digging himself in deep.

On the other hand, Tony didn't exactly foster a positive environment for Chris neither. He wanted Chris to run the family but ended up using Chris more for short term gains than prepping him for the big job. Beating Chris up, yelling at him, and not trying to understand or counsel his would-be successor showed how poor Tony was as a leader.

So, I mean, there's a good reason this show is regarded as a tragedy. The only leader who could hold the DiMeo Family together, Jackie Aprille Sr., died in Season 1. Everyone else was too focused on material gains or name-sake to pay attention to their own tragic flaws.

It's like Sun-Tuh Zu said: a good leader is benevolent and unconcerned with fame.

In their attempts to control and dominate, just about everyone in the DiMeo Crime Family was too focused on themselves to see the bigger picture. I mean, to answer your question, OP, it didn't matter what Tony did at that point.

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