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Default Re: What player do you want your team to pursue the most?

I'm curious what the asking price will be for Jermichael Finley if he's released (due a roster bonus). Stated it's 50/50 if he comes back. Were his stats a product of being in a "sharing" offensive system, or was he playing poorly? Comments from his coach would suggest it was his play more than the system but he has obvious talent. I'd be intrigued with a Finley/Celek 2-tight-end system on the field. Jared Cook also an option here. Kelly supposedly liked Vance McDonald at the Senior Bowl though so it'll likely be upgraded through the draft.

Anthony Spencer could be an option. I don't know what plans are for a 3-4 linebacking crew. Cole/Graham are small DE's, do they switch to OLB's? Does Kendricks move inside with Ryans? Spencer likely won't be back in Dallas if they switch to 4-3, right? You could strengthen your own team while weakening an opponent here, but depends on plans for OLB.

Aquib Talib, Sean Smith, and Cary Williams will need to be looked at to improve the secondary. Dashon Goldson I'd love, but he's a west coast guy from what I can tell and see no reason he would come.

The biggest need will be a 3-4 NT, and the draft is the only place I see that available. If I have to pick 1 player from the above mentioned, I'd say Goldson, but like I said that's unlikely.

The team needs nastyness.

Star Lotulelei was the NT I was referencing in the draft. Kelly speaks fondly of him here.

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