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Default Create a Mock offseason for your team

I tried creating this thread last night but I somehow exited out of the page

Just try to create a realistic mock offseason plan(resignings, cuts, FA's, Draft, etc) and create a plan that's best/realistic for the team.

You can use sites like this to help out

49ers cuts/trades:
-Alex Smith(I would personally trade Kaepernick for the 1st overall pick but thats me..) Saves nearly $7-9mil
-David Akers- No explination needed and saves the team $3mil
-Parys Haralson- not needed and easily replaced in the draft- saves $2.87mil
-Jonathan Goodwin- Solid player but he's getting old and his spot is probably getting groomed, won't mind him coming back at a cheaper price- saves around- $4.35mil
-Donte Whitner- He's a solid safety but he's become a liability in the coverage and he's given up alot of TD's, saves around $4mil
Cap saved approx- $22mil-25mil

Players to resign:
-Dashon Goldson- He's a key part of the defense and a big contract will probably be needed, Probably around $6-9mil/yr(don't know tbh)
-Isaac Sopraga- NT are key in a 3-4 and we'll need to draft/sign some depth behind him. Still a solid player who's been with the team forever. Probably around $2-4mil/yr
-Larry Grant/Rick Jean Francois- If we can resign them at the right spot. But I think both may want more $$ and try to earn starting spots elsewhere.
Money used to resign- $9-12mil? Around $13-15mil left for FA
DL depth

49ers have I think 13 draft picks with three 3rd rounders. Could do a Patriots style retool in the draft which would be great

Free Agency:
-DL Richard Seymour- Short year contract, veteran player who's played in a 3-4 his whole career
-CB- Possibly make a move for Revis? 49ers have stockpiled on picks and can move certain players but that might be too costly. Just get a guy who can provide depth
-Possibly S Boyd from BUF- if that's the case then go elsewhere in the draft in the 1st(Possibly CB?)

1st round: S Kenny Vaccaro
2nd round: TE Zach Ertz
3rd round: NT
3rd round: Rush OLB
3rd round: Raw DE to be groomed
4th Round: Physical WR
OC, CB, K, etc
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