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Default Re: Legendary Revenge Ceiling Ninja Prank

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'm always conflicted when you post videos. I understand you make money and I respect that. People make money out there in all sorts of different ways. However, and I really don't mean this offensively, but your videos are just the worst. I say that assuming you already know this and have already accepted that necessary evil in response for a paycheck.

It honestly reminds me of the Jump to Conclusions mat idea in Office Space:

I know I'm just one person but I've just stopped clicking your links altogether. I even try to limit any kind of posting in your threads because I know it just keeps your video in the cycle around here. Again though, the fact you can earn money off of what you do, I certainly won't discourage you from doing what you guys want to do. I just personally cannot vibe with your work at all. I typically like pranks and hijinks, but yours tend to be so forced that many of the necessary comedic elements are completely lost.

I sort of feel guilty even saying all of that. I suppose I'm just hoping some constructive criticism might steer you guys in a better direction. I have to believe you'd be able to earn even more money if your videos were good.

Again though, I truly don't mean any of that personally. And maybe if you guys don't feel it's broke, then it's not worth fixing. I don't know.

this is actually how i feel too. i love prank videos. prank wars on collegehumor was great, but OP's are pretty inane and humorless
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