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Originally Posted by joe lucky
If Lebron wants to sign w/ the Lakers that would take them way over the cap given Kobe's and Lamar's contracts (assuming Bynum options out at 08'). People forget Odom is make upwards of like 12-13 million a year. The cap is like at 49.5 and Kobe and Lamar take up 63% of that. Assuming we are able to get Lebron for a standard 5 year contract ala Wade (~85 million for 5 years) this puts the Lakers over the cap w/ just 3 player's contracts. I'm sure there are financial tricks to save a million here and there but the fact remains that the salary cap was designed to prevent this kind of talent imbalance. Lebron + Kobe + Odom would likely take them to the Finals and probably win a championship.

While I am not saying or advocating that this scenario could happen, if Lebron wanted to come to the Lakers, I would suspect that EVERYONE would be moveable with the exception of Kobe. So, I would imagine that Odom would be gone under those circumstances.
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