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Default Re: Why doesn't Dwight Howard have basic fundamentals?

For all the criticism Dwight gets.. he's averaged 16 and 11.. and that's on 57% FG.. and his FGA are down. Turnovers are about the same. Blocks as high as they ever were. His rebounds are a bit down as well.. but he's not a scrub. Some things go beyond the stats.. but he's not a scrub.

The funniest thing that Dwight and other centres do.. is block the ball out of bounds.. so then the opponents get another posession and it really didn't even change anything.. especially if they then get a 3 instead of a 2. Catch the ball? Knock it to a teammate? Those are the sorts of things that don't get covered on the stat sheets but yeah.

He's not dominating but given how much he gets talked about.. there is quotes from him or Kobe every day.. you'd think he's putting up 10 and 5 or something. And it's not just the fans or media that are making noise. The players in the locker room are making noise too. No wonder the team and franchise are so much in the shit right now. You could notice the problems 2 weeks into the season.
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