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Default Re: Nets & Bobcats for some reason discussing Humphries for Gordon trade

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Reggie Evans is better. Always has been, always will be. I said that before the year and people tried to justify the move. I guess it works if you can get a discarded guy like Gordon, who can be a scoring monster in a good situation.

And I think he has some issues with his teammates. I don't think he's that popular and he's annoying. He should be playing more, but he doesn't need to play that much more.

You're really overselling Gordon. His moment came and went with Chicago several years ago. He's a solid player off the bench but he's not a "scoring monster" nor will he ever be again. He's ok. He'd be better than the 200 year old men manning the backup guards for the nets but so would Marshon if they'd just let him play 15 minutes a game every game.

The problem with Evans is in the playoffs teams are going to play off him to double Lopez. Miami specifically ignores him on defense except to box out. I think having a change up in Hump would be beneficial, or even more beneficial a better starting 4 so Evans can be the guy off the bench and not be relied on as much.
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