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Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
The only one of them getting as much as Felix might be Kershaw due to his age. Felix is still 26, has consistently been at worse a top 5 pitcher in the league that gives you 230+ innings. Verlander is 30 and Price is 26 already.

I totally disagree. With Verlander's track record and never being hurt, he'll get close to 200 mill or more over the course of probably 5-6 years (only because he's 30) the risk/reward is well worth it. And Price will get paid by someone whether it be the Red Sox, Baltimore, LAA, or someone else. 26-27 years old as a pitcher is a prime age for most, giving him a 7-10 year deal isn't insane by any means.. he's just as good as Felix (if not better) plus he's left handed, I see no reason why he wouldn't get paid a boat load.
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