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Default Re: Why doesn't Dwight Howard have basic fundamentals?

Originally Posted by AussieG
The funniest thing that Dwight and other centres do.. is block the ball out of bounds.. so then the opponents get another posession and it really didn't even change anything.. especially if they then get a 3 instead of a 2. Catch the ball? Knock it to a teammate? Those are the sorts of things that don't get covered on the stat sheets but yeah.

There was an article titled "The Value of a Block" that came out a few years ago containing some advanced stats and it showed that Howard had the least valuable blocks in the game (Duncan had the most valuable) in terms of retaining the ball, blocking shots with high expected value, and goaltending. Should take all advanced stats with a grain of salt, but Howard himself has admitted to not having interest in keeping possession of the ball (below). I can kind of understand, but still Howard doesn't seem that mentally sharp.

“They told me to grab them, but sometimes blocking a shot and sending it out of bounds shows a team it’s not going to be easy to come in the paint,” Howard said. “Grabbing it, that’s like being a showoff or something like that, even though it is kind of cool.”
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