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Default Re: On a scale of 1-10. How pissed would laker fans be if Bynum comes back and dominates?

Originally Posted by KBryant24
bynum is a far better offensive player than dwight. Dwight has no post moves and his footwork is nothing specially. He has built his entire carrear on being athletic, getting put backs, and alley-oops. You cant really rely on that style of play down the stretch of close games.

I could say Bynum was a better scorer than Dwight last year, although as an offensive player, I'd still probably take Dwight because Dwight was actually doing a decent job last year of passing out of doubles, while Bynum was a black hole. And that doesn't even consider defense, where Dwight still had Bynum beat easily despite an off year, and rebounding which also obviously goes to Howard and his league-leading 14.5 rpg.

I wouldn't say any version of Bynum was even a better scorer than 2011 Dwight. If you think Dwight always just lived off of put backs and lobs, then you simply didn't watch enough of him prior to this year. Dwight was regularly getting his own shot in the post. He didn't have great moves, but he had some solid moves and skills that complemented his athleticism. It was enough for him to consistently create his own shot in the post. You don't average 23/14 on just athleticism.
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