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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4

Originally Posted by Rose
Well someone from Ubisoft Brazil said it was Brazil, but Ubisoft hasn't confirmed/denied it.

Personally I want Egypt, early rumors were that we were going back in time for AC3 and since then...I've been pretty interested in it.

Thorpe brought up a good point about London though, so that's kinda intriguing.

free running through favelas would be pretty cool, lot of high rises in Sao Paulo, could be the first game that allows to you to free run massive buildings

i thought about the Egypt setting but the theme has been (with the exception of AC3) picking settings with amazing architecture. I really liked AC2 because of that, it really added a whole new dimension to the game depth.

I wonder if this will be next-gen? probably too soon, but perhaps that's why they are releasing one so soon after AC3. I can't even imagine how awesome AC would look like on next-gen consoles
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