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Default Re: Is LeBron the greatest athlete of all time?

Originally Posted by Budadiiii
Excelling in other sports doesn't = better athlete anyways dude.

Sports have specific skill sets you develop in order to succeed. Not necessarily athletic traits. You mean to tell me playing BASEBALL at a high level = better athlete? Dude that's a skill driven sport. Again, stupid argument.

Name a guy with the size/strength/speed/stamina/coordination/durability/instincts that LeBron has.

He almost wins by default because he's so big and doesn't give up much speed while being much bigger and stronger than the Bo Jackson's of the world. And then add in the the god damn coordination/explosiveness/agility

He has everything and displays it much more than any football player ever has.
Bo Jax was an all star with the best players of his era, and an all pro with the best players of his era. Michael Jordan tried baseball and didn't do shit. Dave Winfield was drafted by the three major sports leagues in america. Just because an athlete is gifted at one sport, doesn't mean he will excel at others because hes big and fast. Some of the best baseball players of all time weren't the fastest or strongest because thats a sport that requires incredible hand/eye coordination. So no, he doesn't almost win by default when there have been better athletes in history.
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