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Default Re: Is LeBron the greatest athlete of all time?

Originally Posted by tmacattack33
And it doesn't just have to be a super-star NFL RB or Safety.

Here are some no name NFL players:

Damario Davis, LB, 6'2'' 235 lbs

40 time: 4.61
Vertical leap: 38.5
Bench press 225 lbs: 32 times

Nigel Bradham, LB, 6'2'' 241 lbs

40 time: 4.64
Vertical leap: 37.0
Bench press 225 lbs: 24 times
Unless bench pressing is the only thing you factor for strength I don't see how both of those beat lebron in athleticism along with the fact those 3 are not the only variables for athleticism
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