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Default Re: Assassin's Creed 4

Originally Posted by Rose
Imma just point out all of you made fun of me when I said architecture was important in AC, and you all pointed and laughed at mewho's laughing now!?!?!?

Burgz, I agree on Sao Paulo it could be awesome. I wouldn't mind a more free run experience like you said, that could work really well. Rio could have an interesting thing too, with the beaches, I'd actually like to see some sailing come back into gameplay I love that shit.

I think with Egypt you could do the interior of pyramids, the building of pyramids, deal with invaders. Plus there is the Egyptian art to play with, I could see it working fairly well. It wouldn't have the environment of AC2 or even 3, but it could be really solid.

I think the crazy amount of enemies in the cities pissed me off more than anything in 3. Every street had like 10 redcoats on ground and 3 on the roof.

I do think 3 was prob the least accessible but its up there with 2 and Brotherhood for me.
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