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Default Re: Trade Rumor: Bulls trade Boozer for Bargnani

Originally Posted by Velocirap31
I can't believe there is a team out there that actually wants Bargnani and his contract[.
The whole thing about that is, like Q said, Boozer has a bigger contract. They owe him 32M over the next 2 years compared to the 22M we owe Bargs. The Bulls are way over the salary cap and owe a ton of money to D-Rose, Boozer, Deng, Noah and then they just gave that pretty big extension to Gibson of 4 years 32M which kicks in next year. I think they are just desperate to get rid of Boozer because of all that money they owe him and that he's the most expendable of all the players. And then they're pretty much like well maybe Bargs could help us in the short term but if not we're paying him less and we just move Gibson into the starting lineup along side Noah to see what he's made of.
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