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Default Re: Other european leagues

Originally Posted by gabepizza
Yeah Eurobasket before the WC is always going to be weaker than the one before the Olympics. With Spain getting an automatic birth as host all of Spain's tops guns are gearing up for 2014 as probably the last big hurrah for the core of the 2006 world champions. As for other European teams, in the last Olympics only the top 4 European teams made it while in the last World Championship the top 10 Europeans teams made it so if stars are going to sit out a Eurobasket it is more likely to be the qualifier for the WC not the Olympics.

You are so full of shit. In case you have not heard, World Cup is now officially recognized by both the NBA and FIBA as the world's top basketball tournament.

Including the fact that ESPN is getting the rights to market it, just like they do for football.

You are such a dumb ass. The Olympics is the past, and you obviously only live in the past.

And Dirk, Navarro, and Pau are not "top guns". Navarro's career is over. Pau is trash now, and Dirk is very near to the end also.

None of those players is anything remotely resembling a "top dog" anymore. There is a very good chance not one of them could even play in 2014, even if they wanted to with all their desire. Navarro and Dirk are extremely close to retirement based on their play this season.

If not for big long term contracts, they would already be out of a job.

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