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Default Re: Bulking Up for Basketball?

Originally Posted by L3B120N J4M35
My arms are pretty small, so i want to get bigger for basketball. I am pretty toned but i want em bigger. so I'm currently doing p90x (only 3 days a week; Chest & Back Monday, Shoulders & Arms Wednesday, Legs & Back Friday whilst trying to eat a lot) removing all the cardio stuff considering im trying to bulk up. is that gonna help? any tips for bulking either?

If you do lift weights, take it easy. you dont want to overdo it on weights at age 15 when your body is still growing.

Working out my upper body helped my bball game a lot. I was kind of skinny/scrawney growing up, once I gained arm, shoulder and back muscles the main thing I noticed in terms of my basketball game was how much easier I could finish with contact. People could still push me in the air, but it became much easier to maintain my momentum and balance, and therefore easier to take fouls and finish shots inside. I think it also helped to improve my range on my shot, or at least it allowed me to increase my range without sacrificing my shooting form.

That said, my advice is take it slow at first and dont get too focused on working on particular muscles - ie biceps or abs or whatever. If you are working out for the sake of basketball, legs should be at least 50% of your workouts. Also, you dont want to neglect your back and core muscles. One thing that helped me was to use workouts that target multiple muscle groups at once. Pushups and pullups are excellent and free. I also recommend swimming, like hardcore swimming. If you have access to a pool, go swimming and swim good and hard for like 30min-1hr, great workout for your p90x offdays.

Also, make sure to eat right and drink plenty of water. Get a blender and drink a protein + other nutrient shake daily and you will be guaranteed to start bulking up. All you need for a great shake is a scoop of protein powder, 8 oz of orange juice, a bit of yogurt, and then whatever random fruits and vegetables happen to be in the fridge.

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