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Default Re: HELP!!!! IS my gf pregnant??????

Originally Posted by DCL
there's like .01% of getting a girl pregnant even if you guys used a condom during another encounter.

extremely unlikely. i've never heard of it. but at least that's what the stats say.
i hope what you're saying is right. i think the odds should be incredibly low..

Originally Posted by JerrySteakhouse
First of all, why didn't you fuck her?? Who is that close and does't go for it??

And no, she can't really get pregnant if that is only what you guys did, chances of her getting pregnant by precum is really low like 2%. So either she fucked another dude or you just won the lottery.

if you read the post, i said we didn't have a condom then! obviously i didn't want the pregnancy to happen, which is why that's all we did

Originally Posted by Overdrive
You lost some semen on her ***** and then rubbed it? It's surely possible to get her pregnant that way. A friend of mine got a kid that way and it's 100% his.

the only semen is from pre-***. i didn't ejaculate prior or after at all. elaborate on your friend's story?
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