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Default Re: HELP!!!! IS my gf pregnant??????

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
didn't have a condom?

n*gga please, there aren't any 24 hour stores around you guys? what kind of b*tch ass shit was that?

"oh, we dont have a condom so I am just going to stick my tip in there and lay down"

i have no faith in men anymore.

when i was in that situation, i ran to cvs(do at least double the speedlimit) and paid a king's ransom for that box of three just to take a crack at this girl's hairy box.
we are a couple, so it's not like i havent been there before. and it was cold as hell, and i was lazy. so yeah.. all we did was fool around a little bit.

i'm still nervous as hell right now. no news until she gets a chance to get away from a her family to get a preg test. but i'm scared. talk about your future being totally changed from what you pictured 1 week ago. and i'm only 25..
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