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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Maryland is squarely on the bubble after their hot start. They beat up on a bunch of scrubs and only have the NCSU win to claim to. Most of their OOC wins are against sub-.500 midmajor teams.

And, really, how good will that win look at the end of the year if NCSU keeps losing? They have dropped all the way down to 7th in the ACC. They should be on the bubble as well, imo.

Maryland's recruiting is just decent. Brought in a solid class last season and had a chance to make noise with the Harrison twins, but that was a long shot. Now they have 40-60 PG and some unranked kid.

I also still question Turgeon as a coach.

I don't see the hype.

Hardaway from 3 with 3 seconds left. That kid can play...
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