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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

I think if anyone should have their minutes cut it's JL. I didn't understand the Gray/JL lineup being out there so long late in the 4th while we were giving up the lead. We didn't win because of Casey's late game play calling, we won in spite of it. I mean let's be honest, we haven't had this miraculous of a win since the Mo-Pete/Ruffin incident, except this one even luckier. Late game down 4 we run a play for Amir Johnson who misses badly and gets a putback. Bonehead pass by David West, steal by Rudy Gay and another miracle horrible miss and putback within milliseconds of not counting by AJ. Then an OT dagger by Rudy. We won, but this is just chalked up to "one of those games." Definitely shouldn't have won but it felt nice having a closer with the ball in his hands in OT. I'd say if DD (who was our closer by default before Gay got here) took 100 of those shots he might make 3 or 4 of them. Rudy is a shot maker.

edit: Forgot, I LOVED seeing the trashtalking and bodying up going on between Bargs and Hibbert. I know Bargs is pretty much playing like an audition for a new team but I think lately he's just been an edgier player, plays with more of a chip on his shoulder in general and doesn't let anyone punk him around. I also think for all the talk around here about him not being able to handle a bench role, he's actually been handling it quite well.

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