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Talking Re: Marcus Smart will be the next Dwayne Wade

Here's a Player A vs. Player B comparison. Stats are from the freshman year of both players:
Player A: 14.2 pts; 5.9 reb; 4.7 ast; 0.8 blk; 3.0 stl; 40.2 FG%; 27.7 3PT%; 77.1 FT%
Player B: 14.9 pts; 4.5 reb; 4.7 ast; 0.4 blk; 1.2 stl; 47.7 FG%; 33.7 3PT%; 71.2 FT%

Player A is Marcus Smart. Player B is Derrick Rose from 2007-2008, the #1 pick of the draft after his freshman year. By the way, Smart is listed at 6'4'' and 225 lbs. Rose is listed at 6'3'' and 205 lbs. Of course Rose has world-class athleticism and shot slightly higher percentages than Smart.

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