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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
guys, i have to side with VC3 on this one. i don't know why you think the nets aren't built to win this year. fact is, king and prokhy sacrificed A LOT to build an instant contender, or what they thought would be an instant contender. draft picks, almost all cap flexibility, etc.

i'm not saying i don't understand WHY they did that, and i'm not saying i'm throwing the towel in this season, but i can definitely understand the frustration that VC3 and a lot of other nets fans have. i.e., the nets were built to make a deep run right away IMO. not much point in paying all that money and giving away the picks to be otherwise.....

i dunno... maybe i'm nit-picking here?
I think its more of wanting to have a good season in the first year in Brooklyn. Hence the panicked trades of Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson. Proky and BK's biggest fear was to open up the billion dollar arena with a roster of nobodies. That would have led to no fan base and no sales of tickets or merchandise. Can you imagine what it would have been like if BK didn't trade for Wallace? Deron would most likely be in Dallas, Joe would not have come without Deron asking him and we would probably be stuck with last years roster with no star. As proud as people in Brooklyn are, nobody would have wanted to watch that. I know Nets fans have been waiting for this year forever, this season is probably the most hype we've got in Nets history, but our situation could have been a LOT worse.

This team has obvious flaws and I expect some big changes this summer.
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