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Default Re: Let Ross Dunk!

Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
Depending on what Bledsoe brings, think it's conceivable that the top 3 dunkers are all the East guys. James White is going to win this because people have been begging for an NBA team to give him a roster spot for like a decade just so he could participate, this baby is already over unless he fails (unlikely given his history).
It's funny, I watched all the dunk compliations for each othe dunkers for the contest that they put on They all had some really nice ones and some of them were jam packed (even Ross has a lot of good ones for only having played half a season.) James White had like 3 dunks total and was on different teams for each dunk, and all 3 dunks sucked. You couldn't even put together an NBA compliation for him because this is the first he's held an NBA roster spot long enough to even qualify to be in the contest. He was the first person the NBA asked, and they are desperate for him to bring some of that flair that he's brought to all those other highschool, overseas and street dunk contests. I feel like it's gonna be a let down given how many of these he's participated in, his age now at 30, and a declining amount of athleticism and flair. But at the same time, his hype alone will probably carry him to victory ala Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard.
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