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Default Re: Dantoni - "i could be playing golf"

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
D'Antoni hasn't done a good job, but this hate is boring already. During the Kobe System, did anyone give D'Antoni credit for changing it up? Or have we all concluded that it happened despite him? Maybe that is what happened, but it wouldn't matter if D'Antoni did, in fact, adjust and do things differently; people will just chatter and focus on them winning without his system, failing to consider that he may have something to do with the current system being run. No-win situation.

Here's the thing - what is he without his system? What does he bring if he's not running pick and roll and pushing the tempo (which he inexcusably tried to do for about a month and dug them into this ridiculous hole).

He gives them defense co-ordination ? No
He keeps egos in check ? No
Whatever else it is that coaches supposed to do? No

He has his system and that's it and it's almost worthless to the Lakers. Essentially they are paying him to actively keep them back by pushing elements of an in-congruent system while not giving emphasis to the things that really matter.

On top of that he just happened to decide that he's going to antagonize the entire damn world (including his own players ) in an already tense environment.

But is it his fault? Nah. It's Jim Buss. I'm not being sarcastic. Jim Buss is garbage, how can one be so stupid as to hire this dude.
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