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Default Re: Ketchup vs Mustard 2/9/2013 Cavaliers @ Nuggets OGT

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Hope so. They have some of the ingredients to do so but at the same time go through defensive struggles. Awful FT shooting and they are without a doubt a team that needs to get calls to win because all they do is attack the paint. Same question always arises about closing out games too, if Denver can win in those situations without a "closer" or "superstar".

Home court is key and after that I really don't have a clue. Besides teams like OKC, Miami and maybe the Spurs is anybody else really favored? Seems like it's those guy's and than everybody else. Maybe the Knicks because I'm sure some don't have Miami 100% coming out the East. Doubtful Denver ever gets thrown into that elite category, and rightfully so if you're talking 3-4 teams in the league who are favorites to win the championship.
Yes, having a "closer" is important come playoff time... But, at the same time, Iggy had his moments in Philly. Teams led by him routinely took some great Boston teams to the limit. I'm not sure if he is the X-factor it will take come playoff time, but the rest of the team is so damn solid, he doesn't have to be a one-man show.

There are lots of guys on that roster who can create for themselves or playmake for others. That is what you need in the postseason.

The free throw shooting is a concern. Maybe there is a move or two which can be made at the deadline to help fix it? It feels like this team is on the brink and maybe one really great move could put it over the top.
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