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Default Re: Ketchup vs Mustard 2/9/2013 Cavaliers @ Nuggets OGT

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
No doubt, esp for real Cavs fans who probably like the rest of there young core just as much. Irving is amazing no doubt but probably sucks to see everyone else get thrown under the bus to the general public in the basketball world
The new Irving fanboys have been really annoying me on that end of it.

"His assists would be higher if he had any decent teammates."

"Don't worry, he'll leave after his rookie contract."


I've had to confront several of them, which is odd. Whether you are a Cavs fan or an Irving fan, we should all be on the same side. But, promoting their guy isn't good enough. They have to go after the rest of the team and franchise.

Tristan Thompson is averaging a double-double this year at 21 years old and 15/11 since Varejao was injured 24 games ago. He should be getting recognition for that.
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