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Default Re: The Miami Heatles are 17-5 against the Western conference.... What ?!

Originally Posted by stephanieg
Even bad East teams actually play D and are borderline dirty for this era (e.g. Pacers).

Cavaliers play D? Magic? Bobcats? Raptors? Never knew that. Dirty? Yeah, Luke Walton and Andrea Bargnani are notorious for being physical...

They do have a point when they say the Heat have it easy, as I doubt teams like Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Indiana would do that well in the same conference as OKC, the Clippers, and Spurs, and the Heat play teams like Orlando, Washington, Charlotte, Cleveland, Toronto, Detroit, and Philadelphia 4 times a year, which makes up for almost half their season! Add that to the two times they play the Kings, Suns, Hornets, and Timberwolves and it does make up around half their season...
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