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Default Re: Antwan Jamison says Michael can still play today even at 50

Originally Posted by jstern
I said this before, but I remember a statistic of Wizard's Jordan show his numbers with 1 day or more rest vs his stats on games where he played the previous day, and the differences were day and night. So for an older player the most important thing is rest.

For anybody that saw Wizards MJ play his stats are misleading. He would regularly drop 15 points in the first half, then quiet down the second half. But that's not surprising since EVERY PLAYER normally performs this way. MJ's efficiency didn't drop because he couldn't play or the defense was better in the second half. His body simply didn't have enough left, due to him carrying the load.

I remember watching those stats you're referring too as well. They showed them in a few telecasts, and you're correct. The numbers are night and day, not even close. Then there's those days in which he felt good (for as good as somebody at that age can feel) and those were the games he killed. There was even stretches in which he would average MVP numbers for 2 weeks stretches a number of times.

Honestly speaking, he can probably come back and play 20-25 minutes per game. A supporting role with less pressure will do wonders for his endurance. As I mentioned, playing with a big man that commands double teams should crate more one on one situations for him, in better positions on the court increasing his efficiency instantly.

15 ppg 46% 4 boards 4 assists 1 stl is a decent hypothetical stat sheet
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