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Default Re: Clippers @ Knicks 1 pm EST

Originally Posted by Clutch
I really dislike the Clippers. So many unlikeable players. CP3 and Griffin are floppers,Barnes is a thug,Caron Butler is a disrespectful jerk,Odom is a p*ssy and the list can go on.
Luckily they have a few likeable players like Grant Hill or Ronny Turiaf so it isn't all that bad

I always root for the Knicks to win but today I'll have an extra motivation considering there are only a few teams I dislike more than the Clippers.

CP3 and Griffin haven't really flopped at all this year. Is the Caron opinion based on that play where he stole the ball at the end of the game? Because dude is a known class act. Barnes is a thug that's about the only thing you said that seems accurate. Odom is a ***** and that's why you don't like him?
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