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Default Re: Native American Confronts Protesters on Illegal Immigration

Originally Posted by MJ23forever
I would say that the Natives technically did not own any land before the Colonials came over and took it from them. The boundaries of their nations were ill defined and this is to be expected from a primitive culture. I do not expect the Europeans would have acknowledged there poorly defined boundaries given that they were acquainted with a much more strongly pronounced structure of culture.

It does not make sense to put the blame the Europeans who were taking over land which they supposed which was vacated. That is it was occupied by a loosely structured formation of a certain tribe or confederation of tribes. I don't blame the Europeans for not acknowleding it was their land in large part because the Native Americans were so spread out.

This in part justifies the European takeover is that there was no true or authentic ownership of the land, we could apply the same to the primitive peoples of Africa, Central Asia, and the Southeastern Asian islands.

It's all crap. First of all, they warred endlessly before Europeans came to the Western Hemisphere. Secondly, why on earth with anyone with half a brain delegate a rich land to backward, frankly stupid tribes who will do nothing with it other than fight with other backward, frankly stupid tribes instead of allowing civilization and modernity to spread its arms? What kind of idiot would support such a thing?!

The "we had it first" argument is popularly being invoked to justify amnesty. Problem is, tribes that lived in modern Mexico never extended this far north. And in an imperialistic grab, they don't bother consulting those tribes that DID live here if they're welcome. So much for that.

Texas is really Tejas they tell us. Really? Before it was Tejas, it was Comancheria. Before it was Comancheria it was Apacheria. The Comanche dealt in slaves, including captured Mexicans. The Apache found it desirable to sell other Indians to the Spanish.

That all this has gone on since the dawn of humanity and that only whites are condemned for it speaks for itself.
What a ridiculous argument.

So if a more superior advanced alien race came to our planet and saw us as a primitive species that did not have a "pronounced structure of culture", and started taking over our "ill defined boundaries". That they would be perfectly justified?
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