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Default Re: Brooklyn Nets 2012-2013 Post Game Thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
yes, all very true.

but i do think that somewhere in there... whether it's individual fans or a small part of many of us... that we might have confused "all in for making a splash" with "all in for the trophy."

we got them a bit mixed up and have been paying a lil' ol' price for that across the season. or maybe it was all just me. :P

The Nets behaved in the offseason like they had a deadline, that the goal was to build the best team possible before the season started, and after that point moves would not be alllowed. Don't negotiate with people either, the tiny chance they might leave - can't risk it. Give Hump huge money. Give Lopez max years. Give Wallace 4 years. Even though their options sucked balls and they'd have to leave Brooklyn for less money. Lopez on 3 years or less money, Wallace on a shorter deal would be trade chips with value. At their huge deals, they aren't. The Nets killed their flexibility to insure that they were top four ish (East) this year and for a few subsequent years. Starting from a point where they had huge flexibility.

Now trying to get Josh Smith, Millsap etc. requires everything to break just right for them.

The Nets are a good team. But they are not a title contending team, and they lack the assets to make that jump. They have assets destined for lots of lateral moves, and that (aside from Brook/Hump) will decline in value each year.

My 2 cents. And don't kill the messenger, i told you way way before he was gone the Avery / Deron dynamic was terrible and wasn't going to improve. I am (very very very) occassionally correct.

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