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Default Re: Magic Johnson is an idiot if he thinks lebrons 5 games are better than kobes

Originally Posted by pauk
Lebrons last 5 games:

31.0 PPG
6.8 RPG
6.0 APG
71.4% FG
60.0% 3PT
78.3% FT

Lebron scored 155 points on 77 FG attempts during those 5 games....
Kobe scored 268 points on 173 FG attempts during his 5 games you showed....

If Kobe would have taken 77 FG attempts during that 5 game "hot" stretch of his he would have only 115 points (23.0 PPG)....
If Lebron would have taken 173 FG attempts during these 5 games he would had around 350 points (70.0 PPG).....

Lebron has now also tied the NBA record for most games in a row with at least 60% FG and 30 PPG....

...its not just the stats, its how dominant Lebron was during those games... he was putting the ball in the hole however & whenever he wanted and put teams away immediately & efficiently (and then took the foot of the gaspedal as nothing more was needed) unlike Kobe, who more like forced the shots, more like shot the ball however & whenever he wanted..... if Kobe would have shot 71.4% FG during that 5 game stretch of his (not to mention also use his teammates more) he wouldnt have needed to take that many FG attempts .... that doesnt mean what Kobe did wasnt impressive or something, but just saying what Lebron is doing right now is also kindof impressive....

If Lebron tried to score as many points as Kobe did, his efficiency would go down.
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