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Default Re: 2011 Mavs: Biggest underdogs to ever win a ring?

This series still haunts me. There's nothing to say about LBJ's play that hasn't been said a million times, but, beyond that, Spo's coaching was abominable. The gobsmackingly stupid decision to put Bosh on Dirk at the end of Game 2-- same situation in Game 3, Haslem is on him and gets the stop.

But, even more than that, Spo let JJ Barea change that series when he became a starter. Any semi-competent JV coach would have moved Wade to point, and punished the hell out of the Mavs for that move. A few quick post-ups and Barea would've been sent right back to the bench.

Plus, for some unknown reason, he didn't play JJ, who is exactly the type of shooter that could've broken that series open.

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