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Default Re: Paul Pierce is still the Mother****ing TRUTH!!!

Originally Posted by Graviton
Funny how after Rondo goes down their ball movement and offense improves.

Team body/ball movement>one guy overdribbling at 3pt line and passing to out of rhythm players. Finally they start to play real TEAM basketball.

Yep, Doc Rivers.

I assume you're not going to say Rondo's fault, as these players have been doing this forever. KG has been this player during much of his time in Boston. Pierce has been this player for over 10 years. And they got to keep their games when Rondo was beasting. It was until the last year and change that it got this way. That's not on Rondo but on Doc Rivers. He's the one always justifying everything, explaining that Pierce isn't capable of doing this with any regularity, that it's Rondo's team, that it's all up to him, that he should get at least 10 assists every night...and this is while they're losing.

The only thing this does is prove that Doc's got it wrong. And they're never gonna win a title again with him having it this wrong.

Oh, and as OP said...Pierce is The Truth. Still one of the premier players in the NBA.
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