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Default Re: Paul Pierce is still the Mother****ing TRUTH!!!

Originally Posted by raptorfan_dr07
Pierce system>>>>Kobe system, period. Seriously. Celtics are 7-0 since Rondo went down with 2 triple doubles in that stretch for The Truth. Pierce has always been the better playmaker and it's f*ckin ridiculous how this Celtics run, with Pierce spearheading it, is getting ZERO attention compared to a team that's lottery bound despite being the most stacked team in the NBA.

Big fan of Paul Pierce, I only hope that they have enough gas in the tank to make things interesting in the playoffs, especially if they finish at 7th/8th and Miami/NY finish 1st/2nd.

Boston keep playing like they are and they could catch up real quick, they're only 3 games out of 4th

Could be half a game from 5th by 2moro/2night

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