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Default Re: Bulking Up for Basketball?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
You talking about bulking up off of barbells or big mac's. If your adding muscle the right way it takes a lot of time. Your not going to spend a few months in the gym and come out looking like Jay Cuttler. If done the right way it'll only help.
Muscle weighs more than fat. There is no point at all in being beefy even off barbells for basketball.

It's a game predicated on quickness, speed, versatility and losing a defender as quickly as possible. If he's not a low block guy, making yourself bulkier and slower is a bad option. Especially top heavy bulk. Quick way to ruin your knees and ankles in a sport that requires quick cuts and change of direction.

What guards or forwards do you see that are bulky? Bball players are streamlined. This isn't football. It's not run straight forward and be big enough to have muscle as padding to take physical punishment.

Just stop giving advice.
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