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Default Dead Space 3

So far pretty good.

Says I'm 20% through, which makes it feel a bit short if that's accurate. There are side missions you can do, of which I feel like I haven't found much. I just did my first last night.

I feel like the atmosphere is better than the last one. The deserted colonized ship, with it's mall and stuff, had it's moments, but it felt to bright at times. So far this abondoned shipyard orbiting this planet has the deader feel that sets the tone for this game. But it may get redundant.

Also they made major changes to the weapon upgrade system, and to this point, I'm not enjoying them. I don't usually say this, but it's too confusing. Not fully understanding what each element brings to the table means a lot of creating, leaving the bench, wasting a bit of ammo, then going back in. I sort of enjoyed the puzzling element of the old ones, figuring out the most efficient way to route through the power node maze. It wasn't rocket science, but it presented a set of choices, which elements did you want to upgrade first? Was it worth the extra power node to go straight at an element you preferred?

This so far has been too much for my taste. But it may improve as I get more accustomed to it.
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