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Default Re: ISH feminist club

Originally Posted by Nick Young
when Shakira dances sexily it is degrading to femake kind but when Peaches does the exact same thing she's doing it for female empowerment and feminist rolemodel

This is literally what my dumbass feminist lecturer taught us last year.

This is it.

This is where the sh!t hits the fan. This is the domain of giving the wrong woman any kind of intellectual authority when men have proven to be stronger in the realms of abstract thought.. SPECIFICALLY justice and fairness and drawing analogies and parallels and establishing rules, ethics.

You know why? It boils down to feeling.

SHE FEELS JEALOUSY (both at Shakira' success who is a very bright individual and the fact that she's an object of male desire) with her *intuition* and therefore dubs it to be something bad.
SHE FEELS well... nothing really maybe a shade of contempt maybe a bit of "you go girl attitude" in the case with Peaches who poses no threat to the kind of men she wants (since she caters to a different audience) and well.. might as well pass it off as acceptable.


Same reason why you can have a guy with a 5" c0ck wakling ins trutting his stuff with supreme confidence and have a guy with a 7" one being all nervous and awkward and scared in the bedroom.. and guess what? THe ch!ck who gets fukked by both will very well delude her into thinking the former has a bigger c0ck. I'm serious.. This is tried and tested.

I have a vision. A world where each gender finds their natural strengths.

I'll be humble enough to admit that when it comes to
- reading body language
- having multiple orgasms
- lying to yourself and believing your lies
- handling children
- sashayingwith grace
- having a keen eye for the aesthetic and style
- knowing how to pull certain strings
- memorizing information in droves
- wordplay
- suspend my individual will to please my friends
- certain multitasking
- covert "undercover" communication...innuendo
- painting one-sided stories
- being devoted and having absolute belief in something
- easily making loads of friends
- not feeling guilt
- beauty and seductiveness
- psychologically damaging someone
- inspiring someone
- using descriptive language to describe a surreal feeling
- feel the vulnerable sensation of love
- experssing individuality through things like arts and crafts
- endless patience with the incompetent
- losing to win
- being insincere at flatterers
- manipulating people through shaming devices
- surpressing anger
- surpressing aggression
- undergoing lots of pain for an extended amount of time (I can take a beating or a cold shower but not a soul-draining headache or a pregnancy or a PMS)
- dealing with dominant people (very tough for me to be in the same room)
- having a keen azz eye for detail
- vanity

I COULD NEVER in my wildest dreams match a women.

Hopefully they gain the humility to realize that Man runs the world through the realms of mind, body and spirit.

Nowadays though there is so much carryover.

I don't know if you guys picked up on this but the whole idea of an androgynous future is becoming more and more true.

Obesity is directly linked to a decrease in testosterone for men and a decrease in estradiol for women (or something like that.)
Nowadays you see girls with bigger jaws and guys who are smaller and weaker.

And someone like Karen Stewart (who has a big fukking jaw is being hailed as beauty) whereas someone like Joey Gordon Levitt who has very feminine features is being seen as the male equivalent.


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