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Default Re: Vick restructures, 1 year deal

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
my thoughts? Eagles are no threat next year

it is just delaying the revamping of that team...there is no long term future in Vick

Vick hasn't started a full 16 games since he was in Atlanta
Well if he was viewed as the long term future they wouldn't have made him restructure to only 1 year.

My thoughts? If Vick plays it gives Kelly a chance to experiment. He's got 2 completely different QBs. He can use Vick to see if his spread offense with a running QB can work against NFL defenses. And if it can't? Vick is gone, you didn't have to waste a draft pick on a mobile QB you thought could be your future, nor money on an athletic one with a long term deal.

And wouldn't view them as a threat regardless of this deal. No one should.

But they're not doing this because they believe he's the future. Or else it wouldn't be one year. There's also the possibility Foles starts and Kelly wants a backup QB he feels he can have success with also (because of style).

Kelly just had a press conference to announce his staff. just said QB will be an open competition between Foles and Vick.

I'm honestly more interested in how the 3-4 change works out and improving the defense. It doesn't matter who's QBing if that doesn't get fixed.

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