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Default Re: Wade with dagger after dagger after dagger on Lakers.. 16 pts in the 4th

I refuse to understand why Kobe fans act like he's so much better than Wade. I understand Kobe's resume making him being placed above, but in terms of game and production, he's not significantly better than Wade by any means. He's got Wade beat in terms of longevity, skill set, and hardware.

But, Wade's resume isn't far off from Kobe. Wade is a top five SG all-time already, and he's still winning rings. Sure he will never get the MVP that Kobe got ... but his 2009 was arguably better than Kobe's MVP season. Or any Kobe season for that matter. Arguably. He wasn't spoiled with rosters his entire career, either.

Kobe fans denying Wade's greatness makes no sense, because from an argument stand point, it would BEST suit them to prop him up for the respect he deserves cause it's pretty obvious if they want to make the case Kobe > Jordan, one of the prime go to reasons would be Wade is better than any direct contemporary that MJ faced at his position.
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