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Default Anthony Morrow out of Hawks rotation

I asked coach Larry Drew about the status of Anthony Morrow. The guard, who missed 17 straight games with a right hip strain followed by a sore lower back, has been available for the past five games. However, he has seen action in just one - for a total of four minutes.

"Right now, I just canít play everybody," Drew said following Sunday's practice. "I would like to get him in there but I just canít play 11, 12, 13 people. You just canít do it. He was out awhile and we got a rotation while he was out and right now Iím teetering on whether to disrupt that. Right now I have some guys that I definitely want to play and those guys aren't getting the type of minutes I was hoping they would get. Itís just a situation that he has to stay ready."

-- Atlanta Journal Constitution
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