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Default Re: Vick restructures, 1 year deal

Originally Posted by niko
Why? QB's don't have that much of an effect on winning and losing. You can keep Romo forever. He is a proven...(um can't say winner because that's unimportant) asset who will um....assist the Cowboys in allowing his teammates to win or lose which his impact on is minimal.

Thinking more the Vick thing, i get it but the problem is if Vick plays well 4 games and then gets hurt for 2, at that point you can't let his injuries and waiting for him to hijack your season.

I actually hear you on the Vick logic... But it all depends on how they use him... Just like every other weapon in the Eagle offense. Vick does still have some wheels and a gun for an arm, so its at least a chance that he could be a nice fit.. If they use the run game and not try to have Vick throw 50 times a game? he may not get hurt... Same for Foles. I like Nick, he is nice and young.. He can still be a very good qb IMO if they use a quick offense... Utilize your weapons (shady & the rook). Maybe Vick doesnt fit, but the idea is worth a look. Im like State prop... Im more concerned about the defense. I hope they can get that straightened out..
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