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Default Re: Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell - Detailed Player Measurements

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
I realize this is an old thread, but this came up during a search for something else, and for the sake of accuracy, this is actually talking about Connie Dierking:

The Warriors were playing Philadelphia, not Boston, so it couldn't possibly have been referring to Russell. Russell was actually 225 pounds in the '63-64 season: 23,5106291

I happen to know that because it's relevant to a project I've been working on.

I'll always remember a little sequence Russell had against Jack Marin. Jack was a driver and a real sprinter and he raced down on a fast break Russell behind him like a wildman and Russell's hand glided over Marin's shoulder just as Jack lifted off for the hoop......... Russell blocked that shot, rattled it up against the backboard and it bounced back toward the free throw line.
Well Jack was awful quick and he snatched that ball out there about top of the key and let fly - Russell blocked it again, and some one of the Celtics got that ball. Well Jack STOLE it away and flung it up toward the hoop and once again, Russell leapt up to block the shot............. but instead he just caught it in his hand right out the air and glided down , and he just stood there and looked right at Jack Marin, with that ball under his arm.

I've had that little memory for years and years, Russell standing there for all the world like a gym teacher looking at a JV kid.... that and Jack Marin's face, just the hilarious despair!!
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