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Default Re: Most exposed player this season?

Originally Posted by Aidz

Dwight - revealed he has zero post game and bad hands. SVG made him a god in Orlando.

Deron Williams - was never good. This season just proved it. He's fat.

Rondo - Boston go on 6 game win streak without him. Ball-hogging stat padder that ruins the flow of offense and takes away from other guards handling the ball.

Austin Rivers - did anyone expect him to not suck?

Nash - basically a cone on defence. However, he is old, so he gets a pass.

Anyone else?
Dwight's injured & being severely misused
Deron Williams is injured.
You have some points on Rondo
Rivers is a rookie, but he's been historically bad.
Nash hasn't even been that bad, he's always been bad at D.

Most exposed player(s) though?

Kobe Bryant - As much as I hate to say it.. he really does chuck too much. Kills any ball movement the Lakers have in some instances. Can't see him winning another title.

Roy Hibbert - Just an average center who is severely overpaid. Can't finish his post moves for shit.

Michael Beasley - Never gonna be anything special, this was really his last chance to actually be the guy on a bad team & he couldn't do that.

Memphis Rudy Gay - He was just shooting the ball at a really low percentage for a 6'10 guy. You would think that Gay would've put the Grizz over the top, but it really didn't improve the team whatsoever.
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