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Default Re: Most exposed player this season?

Originally Posted by iDunk
Dwight's injured & being severely misused
Deron Williams is injured.
You have some points on Rondo
Rivers is a rookie, but he's been historically bad.
Nash hasn't even been that bad, he's always been bad at D.

Most exposed player(s) though?

Kobe Bryant - As much as I hate to say it.. he really does chuck too much. Kills any ball movement the Lakers have in some instances. Can't see him winning another title.

Roy Hibbert - Just an average center who is severely overpaid. Can't finish his post moves for shit.

Michael Beasley - Never gonna be anything special, this was really his last chance to actually be the guy on a bad team & he couldn't do that.

Memphis Rudy Gay - He was just shooting the ball at a really low percentage for a 6'10 guy. You would think that Gay would've put the Grizz over the top, but it really didn't improve the team whatsoever.

I was going to bold some parts of your post but then realized you got absolutely everything wrong so whats the point of bolding it all...Grats on being wrong about everything, doesn't happen often. Perhaps the hibbert part is ok.
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