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Default Lakers try to put drama behind them as they return from long trip,4833651.story

By Eric Pincus, Los Angeles Times
February 12, 2013
The Lakers returned home, weary after their longest trip of the season. But despite losses at Phoenix, Boston and Miami, the team pulled out four wins in seven games.

"We're playing better. We're playing smarter," Kobe Bryant said Monday.

Dwight Howard went down on the first stop of the trip in Phoenix, aggravating the torn labrum in his right shoulder. The Lakers (24-28) won three straight without him, then Pau Gasol was lost for six to eight weeks because of a foot injury.

"Every time we're playing well we find a rhythm of how we want to go about things it seems like we get hit with another injury," Bryant said. "Now we need to find another way to go about it. It's a moving target right now."

They seem to be clicking better. the right passes are happening, the right movements, etc and so forth. Hopefully this isn't some sort of fluke.

Howard's shoulder

Howard said he's still struggling with his right shoulder after playing 41 minutes against Miami on Sunday.

"I was in a lot of pain after the game," he said. "I'll just try to play through it."

What people keep arguing is that Dwight Howard is worried about his career if this injury becomes a problem in the future. What he doesn't seem to realize, is if he gives it 100% this season, he's in for a big pay day with us, and for a long time. Unless of course he doesn't care about being here and just wants to go else where. Its not a valid concern in my opinion. Dwight is always going to be wanted, even after his idiocy has been exposed as a basketball player in the big stage.

Speaking up

If there was one thing the Lakers did agree on, it's that too much was being said publicly by them.

"We have a circus around us most of the time," Coach Mike D'Antoni said. "Things should be kept in-house, but we haven't mastered that trick yet."

Steve Nash also downplayed a brief, on-court incident Sunday when he and Howard argued over a poorly executed play.

I noticed that play against the heat. Nash was doubled under the basket, but the guard rotated on howard and stayed in front of him. Howard proceeded to jump up and down with his hands up as if he was open, but he wasn't. Nash told him to move to the left next time.

Thats my issue with Dwight, not a smart player, low IQ, no understanding of spacing. Thats why I have a problem with super athletic guys. In high school they can get away with their God given gift, but they never get to learn the actual game until they get exposed on a higher level. Now with Nash and Kobe leading the way, hopefully this guy can learn a thing or two.
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